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The Group of Eleven is consisted by the evacuees of
the Great East Japan
Earthquake and their supporters
in 3 prefectures of Hokuriku.

Among the victims who evacuated and migrated outside the prefecture due to the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, there are some people have suffered from that they can't reveal the fact that they are victims, and some can't get used to a new life.
The group of Eleven has been started based in café Los Angels in Kanazawa for such evacuees to gather, to communicate with local people!


  • Gathering

    On 11th of each month, the victims and supporters gathered at the café / Los Angeles in Kanazawa city and we have been interacting with each other. We are also exchanging information on recent status reports and current disaster areas. Please feel free to drop in!

    Cafe / Los Angeles in Kanazawa
    Members gathered on the 11th of every month
  • Talking

    "M's Talk" is the activities to tell "Fukushima's Now" to the tourists of Grand Circle Corporation of the USA. In the course of the tour, they are organizing not only sightseeing but also a program to know Japanese society and Japan now. The members of The Group of Eleven tell their experience and the current situation and answer the questions.

    Telling visitors FUKUSHIMA
  • Telling

    Every year, on March 11, when the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, we are holding charity events in cooperation with members of the Kanazawa University student volunteer circle Borasapo and the Ishikawa Prefecture Disaster Volunteer Association. Through experiences of evacuation centers, I will tell lots of people about the disaster, disaster prevention, current situation and so on.

    Also on the 11th of every month, we issue "11 Communication" to convey various information related to the earthquake disaster.

    Assembling a simple toilet (at Charity event 2018.3.11)
    Emergency evacuation experience · Participants sitting on the floor

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for the latest information


Detox Camp / HOYO11

"HOYO 11" is a program that you can spend on weekends and holidays at "Nagaya NINIFUNI" in Komatsu city, Ishikawa prefecture full of nature. For children who have been deprived of opportunities for outdoor play and nature experience after nuclear accident, playing outdoors freely will be an irreplaceable experience. In addition, opportunities for recuperation are great healing for parents. While spreading the connection with people of the same position, you can talk about anxiety, exchange information, and rest your mind and body. All staying expenses are covered by donation support to The Group of Eleven. (Transportation expenses self-payment) Through nursing, we hope that everyone will be healed even a little.

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About this Detox Camp


We are seeking donations. The donation is for

  • Thyroid inspection expenses of evacuees
  • Management fee (staying expenses) of the recreation program "HOYO 11"
  • Management expenses of the 11th meeting
    (various expenses such as holding a charity event)
  • 11 meeting publication issue
    (issued on 11th of every month)
  • Donation to volunteer groups on the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Donation to local student volunteer groups
    (Kanazawa University Borasapo etc.)

In addition, we hold a charity event at Cafe / Los Angeles in Kanazawa City on March 11th every year. We will inform you of the total amount and use destination on the FB page for donations gathered at the event.
If you agree, please push this button for donation.

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  • Charity Goods

    T - shirts and key holders of the symbol "3.11 - En - Dharma" designed in inspiration of "Iwaki Dharma " of Ikiki City specialties in Fukushima Prefecture are sold as charity goods. You can buy in the café / Los Angeles store in Kanazawa.

    Cafe / Los Angeles in Kanazawa

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Always rising after a quake, Iwaki Dharma reminds us the strong people who has affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and made it inspiration for the idea to design this symbol mark. Expressing the wish that 3.11 should never be forgotten, as the auspicious dharma calling for happiness in the future in the future, and the "en " shows the relation through the earthquake disaster. It is original design which treated with the crest of Kanazawa's plum pot and number "2011.3.11" as a pattern.